Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome to the Post-Miner dev blog

Hello World! I created this blog to write about the Post-Miner, ongoing development and related subjects.

Post-Miner is a content recommendations engine for WordPress which will help your audience discover relevant posts on your blog without searching. Idea behind the plugin is to generate more page views and in the future stream traffic between blogs.

While I'm waiting for the team to grant me an access to the extensions SVN let me tell you few things about the plugin.

On activation Post-Miner transforms all posts into "phrase vectors". If you are not familiar with the term it means all words from the title, categories and tags receive a weight (float number from 0..1). This generalization is helpful for data mining and quick calculations.
Post content won't be index for a while. It adds more complications and the main goal right now is to make the software stable.

Current version recommends only similar posts. Recommendations are calculated with Euclidean distance which is a simple but effective method.

In close future I'm planning to add:
* user interest vector
* some collective intelligence to help with ranking and add some variety to the recommendations

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